Coding Bariatric Surgeries


I've recently began helping out at a new facility and notice that all of the bariatric surgeries are being coded out to drg 988. I am familiar with most going to drg 621. The coders are using as the primary diagnosis code E66.2 Morbid (severe) obesity with alveolar hypoventilation. This is not the primary diagnosis listed by the surgeon but in the H&P on these patients there is mention of OSA and that they use cpap/bipap. The surgeons are just listing morbid obesity as the pdx in the OR report. Coding staff is using the combo code. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Jillian Kotcher BSN CCDS


  • I cover bariatrics. I see the same scenario as you described. We code this to DRG 621. I don't believe you can make the jump from OSA to obesity with alveolar hypoventilation.

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