Unofficial survey question? CDI Mission and work requests.

Can you please share requests your department has had related to record review. You know those requests you get that follow the dangerous words of ..."since you are in the record could you...."  I am just trying to quantify the many different task that are handed to CDI departments that may likely interfere with the identified mission and productivity.


  • I have been given the task of reviewing records when patients are documented as  inpatients but are discharged prior to the 3 days, I then have to place a comment in the workque, after reviewing their records as to the reason they left prior to that.
  • Thank you Jennifer, this could be a time consuming endeavor. I would think this us more a UR review- correct?
  • I would agree but I have been given the task as a CDI
  • I will get requests from the Director of our Orthopedic Unit to review planned, total joint procedures related to diagnoses not coded as POA, and are therefore considered fall-outs (for example, UTI and AKI).
  • Thanks Debra, this one seems appropriate for a CDI specialist to perform, especially if you are reviewing for quality measures?
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