3M 360 in conjunction with Cerner/Powerchart

If anyone uses 3M 360 to directly send queries to providers via Cerner/powerchart, please let me know how you are doing it. I have inquired of several people but I am either not asking the right question or not asking the right person. It seems there must be a way to send the physician a "notification/message" that a query exists. In our organization, office nurses use message center to communicate with the provider within the office setting but not on the inpatient side. I have also raised the question of using the sticky note function but so far physician's oppose this option. Ideas, suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • we don't have 3M 360 so I don't know if this is helpful, but....  We send E-queries via Cerner using PowerChart. We have many pre-existing templates. We have it set up so there are required fields on the queries so the provider cannot just sign without actually answering (this was a problem before we included the required fields). The provider gets a note in MessageCenter when a query is placed.


  • Katy - We just went live with Cerner and CDIS/R2.  Would you be open to a brief webex to walk me through the development of required fields in a query?  I asked about it months ago and no one here knew how to do it.  :-)
    If so, email me at beth.wolf@rsfh.com. 
    Thanks in advance for your time.
    Beth Wolf, MD 843-209-7513
  • eeeek! We do not actually do this ourselves, our IT team does. We design the templates and they build them. Then we can use and modify as needed. But I could definitely but you in touch with the person that does?
  • Katy - A contact on the IT team would be great.  If you could send me some screen shots and a bit of a description of the workflow as well, it would be much appreciated.
  • Katy-- We are having the same issues at our facility of physician's just signing the queries without responding.  Currently, we create the queries in 3M, copy and paste them into a note in PowerChart, and the provider's get a message in their Message Center for them to complete the query.  I am wondering what exactly your e-queries consist of in PowerChart.  Please feel free to contact me via email.  My email is srboes@bvhealthsystem.org.  Thanks!

    Sydney Boes, RHIA, CCS
  • our organization is moving to 3m 360 and meditech. Is anyone using this product yet. If so are you willing to share how it is working for you.

    Thank you,


  • We currently have 3m360 and Meditech, but decided to use Artifact Health to send queries.  It has worked well for both CDI and Coding!
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