Coding Certification

I would like input as to the value of a CDIS obtaining their Coding certificate.


  • I did it a year after I entered this field. I don't think its a requirement and none of the CDI's on our team have it or (to my knowledge) are pursuing it. I really did it on a whim with encouragement from our coding manager and didn't know what I was getting myself into.

    That being said, I do find it very valuable. It forced me to really study the guidelines and regulations which helps me in my work. The bulk of what I currently do is not concurrent reviews anymore. I primarily am performing audits for a variety of reasons (internal oversight, mortalities, quality/PSI's, PEPPER, opportunity, etc) so this knowledge is especially helpful. It also gives me a lot more credibility with the coders. They understand that I have taken the time to understand documentation/coding from their point of view and they see me as a resource that can straddle both areas.

    I certainly do not see coding certification as a requirement to be a very effective CDI. However, I think if it is something you are interested in or you would like to open up additional opportunities, its a great addition to your resume.

    Keep in mind that the rules changed a few years ago and depending on your current role you may find it difficult to meet the qualifications. They have tightened up since I say for my CCS exam in 2012.


  • I agree, I would like to think more like a coder and adding this to my resume sure won't hurt.

    Thank You

  • I am a CDI now, and have been for over 7 years, but did coding and in healthcare since 1988 . I have taken a lot of courses , such as Medical Terminolgy, anantomy , ect ., but a lot of knowledge ! I want to take the CDIS , but wondering where should I begin to study ,  I live near Carlisle PA , and I know there r books out there , but would like to take some courses , that is not on line. Also, with what I have, is that enough to be qualified to take the test for CDIS ?? That is where my passion is ?? If anyone has any advice , I would love to have some. Thanks,  Deb.
  • Deb:  Perhaps to the ACDIS Home Page and search for information pertinent for the CCDS exam and credential.  I believe you will find useful information at that site.  I do recommend purchase of the ACDIS CCDS Study Guide in preparation for the exam.

    Paul Evans, RHIA, CCDS

  • Deb, in reading your description if you have been working in the CDI role for 7 years, you likely do qualify to sit for the exam. As Paul states above visit the site, review the exam requirements and the objectives. The CCDS Study Guide is an excellent resource. We also do have an online course for CCDS prep and it is offered live in various locations. i do find people are successful in self study and study groups as well. Do you have coworkers who would work with you?
    FYI- I live in Carlisle! 

  • I have been in CDI for 4 years, but I have been a critical care nurse for 20.  I bought the CCDS prep exam book and the DRG expert.  I wrote my notes from the prep exam in the DRG expert and passed.   I think these 2 books will be helpful.   Good Luck!
  • Has anyone obtained the AHIMA CDIP exam? if so is it similar content?

    thanks MB

  • Does anyone have a recommendation on a good online coding program that will help me learn more about coding? I am new to CDI and as a nurse realize I need more help with coding.

  • AHIMA has some nice online coding courses from basic on up.
  • Does anyone have a recommendation on a good online coding program that will help me learn more about coding? I am new to CDI and as a nurse realize I need more help with coding.

    I believe HCPro, AHIMA, and Libman all offer online classes/ programs regarding coding.

    Hope that helps!

  • I am a little biased but I have taken a few of our online coding courses.

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