Recognize CDI for their efforts

Hello CDI members, I was wondering if any of you had a recognition program for your CDI staff that you are willing to share, to maintain moral and show your appreciation.


  • If I was one of your staff, the way I would want to be recognized for my outstanding performance will be to give me a platform so that I can teach clinical documentation strategies to the physicians. That will be far more important to me than any award or monetary gifts. It validates that you trust me to represent the department and you value my knowledge. Off course I will take the gift card too :smile:
  • I like the way you think, Adebosipo.   Other ways to recognize could be purchase of training materials for staff, sponsor ship of off site or onsite seminars,  funding of dues for Professional Organizations.   Or, even just taking the team to lunch a few times a year?

  • I was wondering if there are any updated ideas for a recognition program for your CDI staff or a specific metric being looked at as part of the recognition program.

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