CDS Productivity

Hello - we are researching best practice CDS productivity standards (we have done a review of the literature including the ACDIS White Paper). I'm curious what others are counting as a "follow up" review.  Do you count only concurrent follow up reviews done while the patient is in house - or do you include DRG reconciliation, mortality reviews, etc as part of the CDS productivity?  Please share which type of reviews are used to calculate the follow up review rate. 

If your department has a benchmark for new (initial) and follow up reviews could you please share that as well?  Do you have difference benchmarks for level of CDS experience?  

If possible can you also share if your EMR is fully electronic/hybrid etc and if your team is onsite or remote?  I'm trying to determine what impact these variables have on productivity.  

Thank you, Shawn


  • Shawn,  our team has an expectation of performing 20-22 cases per day as a benchmark.  The team functions very autonomously and they are required to use their clinical judgment and CDI knowledge to assign when a new case needs to be re-reviewed.  We use 3M 360, so productivity is easy to track.  The team does not normally put a finding in on a case that they are being asked to look at retrospectively by a coder unless that case is consuming a significant chunk of time and/or requires a retro query or several notifications back and forth between coding and CDI.  Performing reconciliation on their queried cases is a monthly expectation and occurs outside of their reviews that are expected for the day.  They also have expectations around sharing education with peers and providers.  Hope this helps.  Janie
  • Hi Janie - thank you for the information!  It was very helpful.  Have a great day.  Shawn
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