Queries as part of the suspension process?

In your facility, are your providers subject to the suspension process for having unanswered queries?



  • No, but we would love to see that!
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    A few things to consider:

    1.  Check with administration, Medical Staff, HIM,  if you suspend for lack of response to query.  Lack of response may be reported as a 'delinquent' record, and that can have a negative impact for accreditation purposes.  

    2. Ensure your attribution process is tight.   Suspension may mean an MD can't perform procedures or admit.   Expect to able to explain your process to a hostile surgeon. 

    3.  Consider if HIM is also suspending physicians for the same reason.  If so,  is any effort coordinated with CDI teams? 


  • Usually the benchmarks for suspension are part of your organizations Medical Staff Bylaws, which means the medical staff determines the parameters. unanswered queries may fall under medical record deficiencies, which most organizations include in their bylaws. 
  • In my previous employment, the answer was YES.   The Executives felt that, since an unanswered query held up coding and reimbursement, they would make the queries a deficiency that counted towards the suspension process.

  • I don't think the politics of many places would allow that.
  • Thank you all for your responses. 
  • Our facility has tried a different approach which was very successful, bonuses for timely answering for our employed/contracted physicians.  The original contracts have expired but the majority of our physicians still answer in a timely manner. Like everyone, we have a few physicians who "never" answer queries but the majority are pretty good at answering.
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