2 campuses

While training a new CDI at a facility that has 2 campuses (acute hospital and behavioral site), the CDI had queried for Severe PCM and got the query answered for the Severe PCM.  The patient was then discharged from the acute hospital setting and admitted to the behavioral setting with a different account number.  Is the CDI allowed to query again for the Severe PCM or is the best practice to have the Primary document the Severe PCM in the pn's so that the chart will follow the pt from campus to campus.  The CDI wouldn't get credit but the Severe PCM would add an MCC to the chart at the behavioral campus.


  • I don't see an issue with querying again at the behavioral facility- but of course your record should demonstrate clinical indicators to support it.  meaning if there is nothing int he record at the behavioral site that would spur a query- it is difficult to query for it. Every query should be accompanied by clinical indicators to support the question. 
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