Alagille Syndrome s/p Liver tranplant x2, currently on waiting list again

Hi~  Sole CDI here where I work so looking to "bounce" something off another Peds CDI. Just wanting to get opinion on whether I am on right track with sending a query. Per physician documentation: Pt with history of Alagille Syndrome, s/p liver transplant x2, currently on wait list for liver transplant, and has biliary stent. Pt is receiving MVI, AQUADEKs, Actigall and antihypertension meds.

Would you query for the reason why pt is back on transplant list? I.e. Liver transplant failure (T86.42 and other T86.4_ codes are CC's). Would you code the Alagille Syndrome as still current? 

Thanks in advance!



  • I am not a pediatric expert and would certainly defer. I understand Alagille syndrome as a genetic disorder (meaning it is ever present) and my thought is that it still would be coded as such.  I would also review the record to find other complications related to it as it can lead to issues related to the heart as well. Your query appears to be warranted to me.  
  • yes, do ask for the failed liver transplant and sometimes why.  Alagille's should always be captured as a comorbid condition.
  • Sorry for the delay: thank you Valerie (
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