Still count as excisional debridement if only skin layer is removed and no subcutaneous tissue ?

Does it still count as excisional debridement if only skin layer is removed and no subcutaneous tissue ??  (and all other components are there: site, method, excised with sharp instrument, removal of non-viable tissue to healthy appearing tissue, size)


  • If physician charted as excisional debridement with excision of skin and gave all the necessary components then I would think you would capture the PCS for exc debridement of skin, but it won't go to a surgical DRG as far as I can tell. I don't have access to Coding Clinic so not sure if there is a Coding Clinic that specifically addresses this. I am no expert so be interesting to see what others think.

  • yes thank you !!!   :)  That is what I was wanting to ask-  Is it still impacting ? Does it go to the surgical DRG?    Thank you for clarifying that!!!    I feel like it isn't ??   but I can't find any articles on it and do not have an encoder or access to coding clinics.      
  • Lyn~ this (ACDIS forum) is a great place to get assistance when you are "stuck" or unsure, especially when you don't have an encoder or access to Coding Clinic.... I can relate to that!

  • the depth of an excisional debridement must be clearly stated as this will determine the fourth character of body part in your PCS code- this fourth character will also contribute to the procedure being considered reimbursable or not (i.e. lead to a surgical DRG). Just because all the component needs to classify as an excisional debridement are meant-  does nto necessarily mean it will be a surgical DRG.  
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