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I was wondering if anyone has any worksheets or checklists they can share for a new CDI Specialist. I've recently interviewed for a CDI position and am cautiously optimistic that I will be offered an entry level position. I was hoping someone could share any tips, guides, worksheets, checklists. critical lab values that would trigger a query etc. they used when first starting out. I am still a baby nurse, only 3.5 years on a Med/Surgical Floor.

If I receive this position I will be covering the patients on my current floor, as well as orthopedics and eventually a 3rd floor. I was told that we would follow a patient from beginning to end. So if my patient was transferred to ICU, I still have to follow that patient. I am a little concerned as I don't have critical care experience. I am confident I can master this position with training and experience. I know it will be a little rock to start, so i was hoping to arm myself with as much information/guides (worksheets, checklists, labs, medication lists :P ) as possible to make sure I am successful

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  • Good morning Nicole, the ACDIS website has a ton of information for you. Look within the form the resources tab and the publications tab for our papers and journal articles. Of course the forum is a great place as well. I would suggest you ask the CDI manager how you will be trained and what materials they will provide for you (they may have some books on CDI available.) Ask who will be preceptor or mentor in this process? Will you have access to an inpatient coder to offer guidance? (if so ask to shadow the coder so that you may learn how to use the encoder/grouper as well as how to utilize the code books. There is so much to learn on the coding side and on the clinical side- but it is an exciting journey.  

    ACDIS of course does have a number of products for the new CDI (which the CDI manager may already have) such as the CDI pocket Guide which provides information both on the coding guidelines, CC-MCC capture and clinical indicators for commonly reviewed conditions. And we also of the The CDI Specialists Complete Training Guide which I  wrote to assist a new CDI in transitioning to the role. of course we do offer our bootcamps as well. Keep in touch- let me know if you get the job!

  • I was searching through our Journal articles and thought of you when I saw this one-

  • Disclosure, I have no financial interest in any products sold that pertain to CDI.  But, I do have an unsolicited recommendation.   The. CDI Pocket Guide is a great resource.   My favorite section is the clinical references, which are very informative and pertinent.   
  • When I started as a new CDI, I found this article written by, yes,  Laurie Prescott. This was a Q+A: Chart reviews for new CID specialists, CDI strategies, April 30,2015.. I think it was an excellent reference that you will find very helpful.

  • Thanks everyone! I'll keep you updated once I hear something :)

  • Hello, I am in a brand new CDI Specialist position at my hospital.  I would appreciate any advice and networking with others.  I am in East Texas (Nacogdoches, TX).

    Tom Miller

    CDI Specialist


  • millerto said:

    Hello, I am in a brand new CDI Specialist position at my hospital.  I would appreciate any advice and networking with others.  I am in East Texas (Nacogdoches, TX).

    Tom Miller

    CDI Specialist


    I would suggest you seek out your local ACDIS chapter. You have found the forum and that is a great way to communicate and learn from peers as well. And I am sure you have discovered the wealth of information found within the ACDIS website. 

    I worked as the sole CDIS at my facility for a number of years, but reached out to other's at neighboring hospitals. A day of shadowing can provide you with a wealth of ideas and resources. Also if you are able to network with coders within your own facility it can be valuable. I have found that those within our profession are almost all consistently willing to share and teach. I have always been proud of that. 

    There are a number of organizations in addition to ACDIS that can provide you with assist as well to include AHIMA. 

    Lastly, if you are not on Linkedin there is a very active CDI community using that platform. Link with me and i will introduce you to my 'friends'.

  • Thank you
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