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Hi, I am preparing for CCDS exam.  I have a 2015 DRG Expert that is still ICD 9 codes. I may be able to borrow a 2016 DRG Expert.  My question is, if the 2016 is ICD 10, will that do what I need for the test or is it important to bring a newer edition?  Thanks in advance


  • Hi, I am also going to start CCDS exam prepration. My question is also for DRG expert. I do not have any DRG book, Do i need to buy, if YES, which one I should buy. I found out that in Oct 2019 new DRG expert Vol 1 & Vol 2  coming in the market. Should I wait for new book. Please advise. Thank you 

  • Hi, Waiting for any reply. Thank you
  • before buying a new DRG expert I would see if you department has one you can borrow. to answer the question on whether an older book would be helpful my answer would be I wouldn't use one that has ICD-9 codes. I would definitely use one that is a little newer. all the changes that have been made to the book over the years can be found on www.cms.gov it may take you some time to make the changes in your book. I would also recommend you look on used book sites to see about purchasing a newer version, many people only purchase the book for the exam and don't need it after they take the exam. you do not have to wait for the 2019 version to take the exam, the biggest changes would be to the CC/MCC lists and as long as you know the major changes you would be fine. and remember the proposed changes for 2019 do not go into effect till October 1st.
  • thank you, appreciate.
  • I can say other than reviewing the notes that I wrote in the DRG expert, I might have used the DRG expert for one question on the CCDS exam.  I really do not think you will need the brand new one. I took this test February of this year and used the 2017 DRG expert.
  • Just a thought guys, will the DRG expert book be necessary for CDIP preparation? 
  • I found no need for the DRG expert for CDIP test- but the focus of the CDIP was not really record review, code and DRG assignment. It was more related to HIM management of records and documentation.
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