CCDS Exam Prep

I just got my new DRG expert for 2019.  I just got through transferring my notes over as I plan on sitting for the CCDS this year.  Am I allowed to tab the DRG expert?  And will I be allowed to bring volume 1 and 2?  


  • I recently took the examination on Oct 13. I was allowed to bring in Volume I and 2, of the DRG expert by Optum,  you can also bring a drug book that is allowed refer to the CCDs 2018 candidates hand book page 7.. for allowable resources. The exam center will look over the DRG experts before you enter the exam room and remove any loose papers within the books allowed. (the exam center may take off tabs in the DRG expert, I got the feeling they would remove tabs, because they would consider these loose notes but I can't be certain).

  • Tabs are not a problem. It is loose papers or post it notes. Good luck on your exam.

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