3M 360 Queries

Where can one preview the 3M queries in 360? I'm a new CDI with no formal training in 360. (My hospital has not approved any formal education yet and I am teaching myself and using my ACDIS Apprenticeship and Clinical Indicators course to supplement.). At one time I thought i was able to preview some of the queries as PDF's but I've not been able to find it again (if I ever saw it). All I can see is when I set up a query in 360 is a small box of text with no formatting.  We use Meditech/Word Document to send queries to the doctors and end up modifying almost every query template to suit our needs. I find it rather time consuming and would like to start building my own library of query templates.

Thanks for your help!


  • You may wish to contact your 360 rep to give you guidance.

  • If in the patient, select "create query" and then select the button called "preview".

    Or if you want to see the whole template library, use the codefinder button, select reference, select Clinical Documentation Improvement System Reference, and you can see templates at the bottom.

    Hope that helps!

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