ACDIS bootcamp inquiry

Hello, I just started with a CDI program newly expanding into the outpatient realm (I am new to CDI) and wondered if any of you who have completed the bootcamps offered could weigh in. Online vs. in person bootcamp? Best to go right to the Risk Adjustment bootcamp if the focus is outpatient services/HCC's? Any feedback would be appreciated!


  • If you are new to CDI, I would suggest going to Boot camp first. It is the building blocks you will need to get started. In person is always better because you can interact with others and the instructor. The online is good because you can pace yourself, but you are basically listening to someone read you slides and doing pop up questions. Welcome to CDI!
  • welcome to CDI- i can share the instructors view of online versus live- there are benefits for both. Online allows you a more self paced learning experience and you can repeat sections that you feel more reinforcement is needed. There is an ask the expert function that allows you to ask questions of the instructors, but the interaction is not as open and fluid as one would have in a live course.

    The live courses are very conversational and allow for sharing and learning from the the attendees. I see this as a much more rich learning experience.

    As for what what course- the CDI Bootcamp focuses primarily on IPPS reimbursement (DRGs) but it would still benefit you in the outpatient setting as we we review the icd-10-cm coding guidelines and the diagnostic categories with a deep dive into clinical/diagnostic criteria and query opportunities. If you have never worded in the role of CDI before this is likely your best choice.

    The RIsk Adjustment Course does speak to Coding Guidelines as well but does not provide such a deep dive into the code set. This course is both an outpatient and inpatient focus.
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