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I am wondering how others interpret the verbiage from the 2022 Guidelines for Achieving a Compliant Query, "Titles of queries, that are viewed by providers, should be non-leading in nature and not include impactful information (e.g. reimbursement, quality indicators, specific diagnoses, new information that is no included in the health record."

Do you interpret this to mean if I'm sending a heart failure query that the subject of the query cannot be heart failure? Or that the title of the query cannot be specific, such as, Acute Diastolic Heart Failure?

I'm probably over thinking this, but want to be compliant.

Thank you!


  • Hello,

    I interpret this as query templates should be generic and have no indication on them as to what the outcome of the query is. Exactly like the example you gave. Most facilities use query templates, so it is important not to label the query title a diagnosis or anything related to reimbursement. I think of it like an admission order set. There is a diagnosis listed on the template in example: COPD, Pneumonia etc. That is what we need to avoid.

    Hope this helps

  • We always put Documentation clarification as the subject line title, thus avoiding any risk of being non compliant with the practice brief.

  • Great discussion. Indeed our intent was that the subject of the query, or the specific condition being queries would not be indicated on the query title. so for the example above the use of heart failure, or a more specific type or acuity would not be advisable.

    Most query software platforms have a search mechanism based on title so that the query writer can pull the correct template, but that search title should not be apparent to the provider.

    sherri's suggestion above of just labeling the queries 'Documentation Clarification' is perfect.

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