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I am a new CDI in a CAH. I am essentially developing the program as we have never had a CDI program prior to this. I have been approached by the DON regarding one of our physicians who is ordering serial CBC's on a good majority of his patients. I feel like this is something that nursing should have been addressing during rounding's all along. They feel like it's my job and they shouldn't have to "stir the pot" with the physician. Is this something that you would take on as a CDI specialist or do you feel like this would be out of your job scope?


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    You will find as a CDI that you are asked to talk to the physicians about a lot of things/problems that basically other people do not want to. In my opinion, what they are asking you to address is one of these circumstances. You need to establish a good job description, policy and procedures, and educate staff on your role or this will likely continue. If this isn't related to a diagnosis/PSI/HAC/POA, etc I think the DON  needs to take ownership of speaking with the physician about this order. I had a recent similar situation that really fell under pharmacy-in the end I explained my role and that their concern was their concern only not mine, and in the end the CEO told them they needed to take ownership of their own concern.
  • I agree with above- a well defined job description will assist you.
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